Student Accounts

All students at Indiana Tech are provided accounts to access applications and services across the university. These accounts are created, disabled, and deleted based upon the status of a student within the university’s system of record.

Student Account Life Cycle

  • Created: New accounts are created when a student enrolls for a degree program, enrolls in courses, and/or meets several other internal criteria designated by the university.  Once created, a “**Welcome to Indiana Tech **” email is sent to the student’s personal email address of record at the university with initial account information and further instructions.  (click here for an example email).
  • Disabled: Accounts are disabled 150 days following the completion of a student’s last class if the student is not pre-registered for any  future enrollments.
  • Deleted: Student accounts are deleted two years after the account is disabled.

Once the account is created, students have access to several resources at Indiana Tech:

  • Blackboard
    • Access to Blackboard granted 14 days prior to your first class
    • Enrolled courses available 6 days before course start date
  • my.IndianaTech
  • Lab computers
  • Campus One-Card Services
  • Office 365 Services (Email, MS Office, etc.)
  • Library databases
  • and many more…

Additional account help

If you are having issues accessing your Indiana Tech account, please check out the frequently asked questions page for assistance.

Additional support

Visit our Help Desk if you’re having any additional problems with your account.