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Office 365 Microsoft Office Installation

Indiana Tech has a licensing agreement with Microsoft which allows all faculty, staff, and students to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to five personally owned computers or devices. The license for staff remains active until you leave the university. Students must currently be in a class for the no cost license to remain active. When exiting the university, you’ll be prompted to pay a license fee to Microsoft or stop using Microsoft Office. In addition, Office mobile applications are accessible on Apple iOS and Android based devices.


  • An (faculty/staff) or (student) Office 365 account is required.
  • Students must currently be in a class, or within 2 weeks of the class beginning, to access/use the software
  • Office can be installed on computers with Windows 7 or higher
  • Office can be installed on computers on the Mac OS X version or 2 immediately previous versions
  • Supported Browsers
    • Internet Explorer: Version 11 (supported through August 17, 2021)
    • Edge (legacy): Supported through March 9, 2021
    • New Edge (chromium): All Versions
    • Firefox: the current or immediately previous version
    • Chrome: the latest version only
    • Safari: the latest version only

If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office installed, you should uninstall that version prior to following these steps.

To download and install, or reinstall, Office on a PC or Mac, go to the upgrade page and follow the instructions.  Your installed version of Office will remain active as long as you maintain your status as a student, staff, or faculty member of Indiana Tech. Once you graduate or leave the university, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying for a license directly from Microsoft.


Use it at least once a month: To keep your free license activated, you need to launch at least one Office application (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.) at least once every 30 days on each device.