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Adjunct Faculty Accounts

Adjunct Account Life Cycle

Adjunct faculty accounts are created, disabled, and deleted based upon contract dates and classes being taught. Below are the status and the activities which initiate the action:

  • Created: Accounts for adjunct faculty are created when: 1) entered as a part-time faculty member in the student information system, 2) employee information has been completed, and 2) a recent contract date has been entered OR they are assigned to teach an upcoming class. Information about the new account is emailed to the personal email account of the new faculty member.
  • Disabled: Accounts are disabled later of one year after the contract date or one year after the last course end date. Adjuncts are notified via email 30 days prior to suspension.
  • Deleted: Adjunct accounts are deleted six months after being disabled or when the person is no longer a part-time faculty member, whichever comes first.

Adjunct Services Available

  • On-Site Computers: Your credentials also give you access to Indiana Tech computers at any location.

Additional Account Help

Password: Forgotten, Lock Out, or Changes

Indiana Tech ’s password management system, Let Me In provides a convenient means to manage your own Indiana Tech network password. All new and existing adjunct faculty have been activated and may enroll in the service immediately. Instructions have been emailed to existing adjuncts with new adjuncts receiving instructions to their personal email account on record with the university.

 Additional Support

Visit our Help Desk if you’re having any additional problems with your account.