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Blackboard Help

All courses are added to Blackboard with instructors and students enrolled to match the system of record. At a minimum, Blackboard should be used to maintain the syllabus for the class. Some faculty use Blackboard to maintain every grade in the course to allow students to monitor their progress in the course.


Log into Blackboard using the same username and password that are used for other applications at Indiana Tech.

Hiding Old Courses

You may customize a portion of Blackboard to your liking. For example, if there are old courses being displayed under My Course, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of that section and you can turn the display off from the list of courses.

Exporting/Archiving a Blackboard Course

If you would like to store your course outside of Blackboard for archival purposes, expand the Packages and Utilities section on the left menu toward the bottom of the control panel, and choose Export/Archive. Read the instructions carefully to determine whether you wish to Export or Archive.

Exporting/Import Blackboard Course Content

If you would like to export content from one Blackboard course and import that content into another course, please click here for specific instructions.

Additional Support

Visit our Help Desk if you’re having any additional problems with your Blackboard account.