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Student Employees

In IT Services, we value the talents we find in students who have technical and communication skills to assist full-time staff in the department in support of university operations. We have a team of students with a defined career path which develops not only their technical skills, but also their leadership and communication skills as well.

The tiers in the IT Student Employee organization require the mastery of both hard and soft skills and a peer review before proceeding to the next tier in the organization.

Student Employee Tier Level Class Part of our team since
Ryan Bartholomew Tier 3 Senior Spring 2017
Tucker Cormier Tier 2 Junior Fall 2018
Dylan DeMarco Tier 1 Senior Spring 2019
John Gaulin Trainee Freshman Fall 2020
Austin Gentis Trainee Sophomore Fall 2020
Marek Grzelak Trainee Sophomore Fall 2020
Jordon Mallory Trainee Sophomore Fall 2020
Eric Rabel Tier 1 Senior Spring 2019
Louis Rammel Tier 1 Junior Fall 2018
John Rudolph Trainee Freshman Fall 2020
Jakob Stadelmayer Tier 1 Junior Spring 2019
Noah Thompson Tier 1 Sophomore Spring 2019